My yoga series : Starting my 200hrs Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Paris


The more important an activity is for your soul's evolution , the more resistance you will feel to it - the more fear you will feel. Steven Pressfield

In my previous post I mentioned some projects I was working on , and I'm over the moon excited because the first one is starting very soon, as I'm getting ready to start my 200hrs Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in just one day time!

I can hardly believe this is happening as I've been dreaming of taking a yoga training for quite some time now. I've been practicing yoga up and down for quite a few years, practicing in different cities, yoga studios and trying out different styles.

I think the first time I stepped into a yoga studio was during high school, when I went in exchange for one year in Cambridge , UK and I remember going every Sunday morning to this beautiful gym studio looking over a stunning park and practicing my first yoga classes, when I didn't even know what style of yoga I was doing ! ( I think it was vinyasa eheh)

Then when I moved to Milan for my studies I took again some haha yoga classes here and there during some stressful periods of studying, when I was feeling quite disconnected with myself and yoga helped me to relax and calm down the monkey mind.

After that I landed in Paris, where I didn't practice for more than a year, and then I gradually was called back to contemporary dance ( my first love) , then I played around with some pilates and finally back to yoga again in the smallest, prettiest yoga studios of the capital. I even took yoga with me in Asia where I discovered Hot Yoga in Singapore and practiced Ashtanga in Thailand.

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It doesn't matter how far I travelled or the breaks I took in between practice , I felt called to yoga wherever I went because it made me feel home and connected to myself like anything else.

I loved the depth of it and its simplicity at the same time, it helped me appreciate slowing down, listening to my breathe and being present in my body.

Over time from a purely physical practice, I started to discover the spirituality of it and it's when my love for meditation, wellbeing and healthy living started out.

The decision of taking it further and apply to a teacher training came mainly for the desire of making it a more regular practice and a personal challenge. I admit I'm super scared of this decision as it is honestly the biggest challenge I have ever taken !

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Making this commitment with yoga ( together with other brand new projects coming soon) has really meant clearing out the space to make it possible and put it in priority over other commitments I've had so far. 

When I planned out the next few months of my life, I really made a conscious choice of doing more of what I love and what I feel it will make me grow the most this year, and this training will take a huge part of it.

This challenge is part of the game of experimenting with life and take a leap. So wish me good luck and I'll update you with both my moments of struggle and joy .

What about you? Are you starting anything new that is scary and exciting at the same time? If there is any yoga teacher out there , I'm open to take in any advice you have to start the training on the right foot .

Alessia xx