Eating with intention, connecting to your intuition and the 3 "tools" for a happy and healthy life with Cassandra Bodzak

Cassandra Bodzak Interview

Hey there beautiful reader,

Today I'm thrilled to share with you a beautiful audio interview ( scroll below to listen to it) with Cassandra Bodzak .

If you don't know ( yet!) who she is , Cassandra Bodzak is an author, speaker, and certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. She instructs people on how to utilize the technologies of food, self-care and meditation to make peace with their bodies and their plates and she's launching her first book on this topic called "Eat with Intention" coming out on the 15th of November !

I had the pleasure of meeting Cassandra in person in Paris about 1 and half years ago, while she was visiting Paris and I  had been her "tour guide" for a day walking around Montmartre and the Marais. It's funny how at the time I actually didn't know what she was doing as "career " and it was before I decided to become a life coach, yoga teacher and write my blog , so it was almost surreal to reconnect with her for this interview, seeing how far we have come in such a short period of time :-)


Eat with Intention book


But, let's dive into the good stuff now, you can listen to the interview clicking this link here or the one below.


What we covered in this one hour chat : ( I shared the minutes if you want to jump straight into one topic, but I strongly advice you to listen to the whole interview for full enjoyment ;-)  

  • Learn more about Cassandra story and how sharing it was a healing process for her and for others
  • ( At min 4.00 ) How struggling with food issues during her childhood and teenager years led her on her path to the point of creating her own "food philosophy" 
  • ( At min 6,15 ) Change takes time and how it wasn't an overnight shift for her
  • ( At min 8,30) The 3 tools that Cassandra uses to live a happy and joyful life and how they help her access her intuition
  • ( At min 15,00) She tells us more about her passion of cooking as her first form of meditation
  • ( At min 19,30) The first advice of Cass for young women who wants to feel vibrant and have more energy but don't know where to start
  • ( At min 23,40) Her favorite recipe from her book and why ( perfect for the cold weather! )
  • ( At min 26,20) She shares her favorite self-care ritual ( it sounds so nurturing !)
  • ( At min 27,30) The moment when she understood that she was living her passion and purpose
  • ( At min 32,00) How she deals with uncertainty and self-doubt
  • ( At min 35,00) Her "secret sauce" for her success as a heart-centered business owner ( especially good for new entrepreneurs) 
  • ( At min 37,40) Great financial advice for creative entrepreneurs
  • ( At min 42,00) How the basic foundation she shares is often underrated and a story about it 
  • ( At min 44,50) My last question about self-confidence and what it actually means for her

My favorite quotes from the interview : 

Making your food look beautiful, even if it's just for you, it's a form of respect toward yourself
( About your own experience with food and experimenting what's right) It's much more powerful to see the patterns and make the correlations yourself. There is something that shifts there that it's much deeper than someone else telling you what to eat"
( About finding your passion and purpose ) It's wasn't until the moment in which I committed to do what lighted me up and what brought me joy, and actually releasing all that pressure, that I was able to fall into what my true purpose was"
At the end of the day what the world needs is more people living their joy.
( On overcoming uncertainty ) My faith most times is greater than my fears.
You're so busy being in the energy of what you want to create that you don't leave space to doubt and uncertainty.
There is nothing spiritual about not paying your bills ( from Marianne Williamson )
( About the importance of her basic foundation for wellbeing ) When I get into a funk I always ask myself " When was the last time I took some self-care time? What have I been eating lately? How is my meditation practice? 
( About self-confidence ) There is so much power in truly knowing that we're all one, that we are all equal, because the knowing of it give you a humble confidence.
Whenever I get nervous I just focus on service ( from Doreen Virtue) 

Resources mentioned :

  • Cassandra book "Eat with Intention" , you can pre-order it here on Amazon  by the 15th of November 
  • A Course in Miracles ( the metaphysical book she mentioned )
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Doreen Virtue 


Cassandra Bodzak

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