Discovering the power of gratitude - Interview with Chloe Wigan

Hello there beautiful reader,

Today I'm so excited to finally share with you an interview I did with Australian Life Coach, inspirational writer and speaker Chloe Wigan from the blog One Infinite Life, all about gratitude and following your purpose in life!

This is my second audio interview, and I love this format, I really hope I can do other interviews like this one, and it was so much fun connecting with this talented young lady who is sharing her gifts with the online world.

Chloe really inspired me to focus back on Gratitude, starting from simply writing down the 3 things I'm grateful for everyday. And I'm thinking to do a monthly post to reflect on the month and what I'm grateful for a share a safe space for you to do the same, what do you think of this idea?


Click here to listen to the interview on Soundcloud or directly click on the image below :



What we covered in this one hour chat :

- Chloe's journey from a psychology student to Life Coach and everything in between

- The turning point when she understood her passion and purpose and some tips to find yours

- Chloe's gratitude practice, how it started and how it changed her life for the better, and great tips to get started on yours

- Her own definition of "getting out of the comfort zone" and the last time she took a leap in her life ( including taking her driving license and a 10 days silent meditation retreat!) 

My favorite quotes from the interview :

- Steve Job's quote "Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day"

- "Let yourself be ok, that you don't have everything figured out"

Resources mentioned :

- The movie "The secret" which started Chloe on her personal development love when she was only a little girl.

Connect with Chloe : 

Chloe is a Certified Life Coach and writer with a background in psychology, and her mission is to help women in their 20s transcend what they think is possible for them.

She became interested in personal development from a young age: when she picked up her first personal development book when she was 12 and started practicing gratitude and meditating when she was 13. Now she supports young people in overcoming what’s holding them back, so they can take action towards what they want — and get the most out of their one infinite life.

She thinks gratitude makes life infinitely better and is the creator of The 28 Day Gratitude Project. You can connect with Chloe and get access to The Infinite Collection (a free mini library of resources) at




Alessia Gandolfo