13 Way to be a rebellious game-changer

rebellious game changer

So this article is totally inspired by the awesome writer and mentor Vienda Maria, that just published a beautiful post on "19 Ways to get out of the box and be a rebellious game changer".

Side note : I am completely obsessed with this boss lady at the moment and I'm basically binge reading/listening/watching anything she does at the moment, because I feel very aligned with her authentic and raw energy and freedom-based lifestyle which really looks like the one I'm slowly building for myself.

So going back to the article, just after reading it this morning I immediately felt compelled to think about a few ways I am a rebellious game changer myself in my own regular life, which is not as free spirited as hers YET, but it was a fun exercise that I invite you to try today for 10 minutes if you can. 

And so, while I was in the public library and my laptop was out of battery and I forgot my charger at home ( but I hadn't forgotten to bring along my homemade cacao energy balls #sorrynotsorry ;-)  so  I switched quickly to pen and paper and a list of more than 10 things quickly appeared on the page.

So here you have them, I hope they make you laugh and inspire you to think of what makes you an unapologetically unique human being  : 

  1. Early nights are my guilty pleasure. Actually when set the bed time on my phone at 10PM I have a buzz of excitement because I know I will enjoy the most recharging hours of rest ( the ones before midnight ) and still get up early feeling refreshed! Wow!! I truly believe rest is the "magic pill" for pretty much any problem in life, and I find it a rebellious act because living in Paris I often see this sleep-deprivation pride of "Look I only have 4 hours sleep and look how busy and productive I'm being now" that very often is not justified by a good reason for not sleeping. So even if we're in the summer and this is getting harder in the last few weeks, I still love it when I make it happen :-)
  2. I don't attach my identity to what I'm doing as a job. I am very ok with the fact that to do more of what I love, I have to spend some time doing jobs or tasks that I don't like as much, or activities that don't look as fancy or exciting as the degrees I studied for many years. And in reality I never identified myself in any kind of career labels, even when I could have had some trendy ones, as I really feel simply like a human being experimenting with what lights me up. And I find THIS freedom much more fun and exciting!
  3. I love leaving my phone at home when I can. I don't believe in the fact that we have to be reachable and pick up a call or answer messages ALL the time. I find it exhausting and it takes us out of the present moment of simply enjoy what we have in front of our eyes apart from our screens! I don't feel guilty about it and most of the times the messages and the calls are not emergency situations I need to answer to immediately, and what I gain is far more precious.
  4. I don't make many LT plans. I like visualizing future situations, and I'm quite of a planner for the shorter term. BUT I'm perfectly ok not knowing what it's going on in my life in one year time. And actually no one really does know anyways. So even if visioning the future it's an important activity, I don't like to attach to it, because I know how much things can change and evolve over time, and I want to be open to the spontaneity of life. 
  5. I listen to my intuition. More and more. And most of the times I cannot ignore it, because I get physically in pain if I do. Sometimes I'm jealous of how people can hide the signals of their intuition under a carpet, but I cannot, it simply doesn't work. And I know it's for the best because over time, when we get into less than authentic situations for us, the little voice inevitably will show up to say "I told you so!". If you want to listen to your intuition more and strengthen your intuitive muscle check out my free video series dedicated to this awesome topic. 
  6. I go against the flow. This is pretty much a consequence of the previous point. Most times I swim in the opposite direction of other people, because I take unconventional choices. I often do things that make no sense to the outside, from little steps like NOT running to jump on a metro when I know the next one is in 2 minutes, to bigger choices like saying no to opportunities that look SO appealing and smart from the outside, but they just don't resonate with me. In the last couple of years I especially became very good a this one, from turning down fancy job offers, to rejecting being member of exclusive circles, paid plane tickets, taking part in cool projects or retreats,  convenient relationships and networking. All situations in which was FREAKING SCARY to say NO to in that moment, but that soon felt like a relief to stay aligned to my truth. 
  7. I rarely miss people .  This is a weird one. And it's always been that way since I was little. I remember asking to a doctor few years ago if it was normal, if there was something wrong with me because I hardly ever felt saying "Me too" to the sentence "I miss you" and that made me feel so guilty . But we quickly found out it was perfectly ok, I have just learnt to cope very quickly with the idea of focusing on the present moment, on enjoying the people around me right now. Which doesn't mean I don't love or think about family or friends far away, I actually do it on a daily basis and with a big heart to heart connection to them and sending them love and support for their everyday lives and desires, but I simply don't feel this void of thinking "I wish you were here right now". I'm fine with seeing the person when it will be the time and I only recently have started to explore the "missing feeling" with a bunch of close people I shared personal moments with, but always in my own way. 
  8. I absolutely love making my own working hours. It's just the best thing ever! I think time is the most precious resource we have. We will always be able to make more money if we need, but time is limited and we cannot take back the one we lost ! So I make sure I always value my time and the tasks and people I spend it with. 
  9. I greatly enjoy working alone. I spend a lot of time alone during my days. I skip around the city to teach some classes, coach but all the spaces in between are mostly for me, and I love it. Some people would get depressed or feel lonely, but as an introvert I really cherish and need my alone time, that's what recharges my batteries and allow me to connect to myself on a deeper level. And the great advantage is that when I want to see people, I can choose who I want to meet and when, which is not the case working in a regular office job ;-) Win-win !
  10. I am a personal development geek. I love working on myself as a human being, being aware of who I am and creating a life aligned with it it's the best thing in the world, and it will never ceases to motivate me. When I started to get interested in these topics few years ago, I was spending hours reading blogs, books, watching inspirational videos. My soul was hungry for it and I couldn't have enough. And at the same time I found it so uncool. I thought that cool people have it all figured out, so they don't need to work on themselves, but I was so wrong ! I also clearly remember walking into a library back home (much before I started to find self-help books interesting) and I saw a book which title was something on the line of "How to be happy" and I thought was a lot of airy-fairy BS ! But now I don't, and I would actually love to write that book now ;-p
  11. I believe we don't have one life mission or goal. Or at least most of us don't have just one thing. And we spend so much time struggling and trying to figure out what is that one big thing all across our upbringing and education. Most people are multi passionate, they have different passions at the same time or across their lives. One day they find something that light them up so much, and maybe that thing last a few years and then the passion fades. And it's ok, there will be something else that will sparkle that light again, more aligned with who they have become in that moment of their lives. And so it goes on and on walking along our growth and priorities.
  12. I also believe we don't have one life partner. When I was typing the previous point, I realized that I think exactly the same about love! Some people do find the one person that walk the path with them and they grow and evolve together, and that's beautiful and romantic, and we're conditioned to think that it is the best way. But I feel that it's not the best for all of us. Human beings grow and evolve all the time and I think it's pretty hard to find someone that stays on the same page as you are for the rest of your lives, unless you simply decide to settle or something that it's just ok, or you drag a bit too long a relationship that doesn't serve you anymore, no judgement in that case, but you deserve better darling! I think we meet a person that it's The One for us in that moment, and teach us the lessons we need to grow in our spiritual path and then the journey goes on.
  13. I hate being dependent to anything or anyone. People, objects, habits they are all external circumstances out of our control, and I don't like to be addicted to any of this. If i imagine myself ending up on a desert island I don't want to feel like I'm desperately craving a cigarette/ a glass of wine/ a pizza/ my smartphone/ shopping / fill the gap with your addiction of preference . I would like to adapt myself anywhere and be ok with going back to the basics and still be a happy person! Well maybe my journal and pen would be the only things I'm a bit addicted to :-)


And here you have them ! How are you a rebellious game changer? I'd love to know the things that prevent you to fit into a perfect box, your quirks and what makes you a unique and unapologetically imperfect human being ! Share them below 



Alessia Gandolfo