What are you most proud of in 2017?

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If you've checked out my latest post , you may have taken some time during the holidays to reflect on 2017, because it's a crucial step to look back, appreciate what you have achieved and also processed the lessons learned.

2017 you were Marvelous, Emotional, Intense and Unforgettable

I listed 10 achievements of the year ( which I recently shared on Instagram) because we never celebrate what's behind us enough :

❤ In the first term of the year I taught my first ever 3 workshops, two as a coach which really challenged my fear of public speaking and one of them in a big corporate event where I literally changed the whole presentation the night before and my very favorite one teaching yoga with Claire Baker for her Adore Your Cycle workshop in Paris.

❤ I improved dramatically as a young yoga teacher, gaining more confidence with consistency and passion and I dove deeper in the meaning of my practice with lots of baby steps. I taught more than 200 classes , trained with Jason Crandell in London with my dearest group of yogis  and even become a Prenatal Yoga teacher thanks to the fabulous Sharon Bales and really enjoyed holding space for some lovely pregnant women. ⠀

❤ I showed up more fully as a Life Coach , finding in particular my sweet spot helping some incredible women uncover their passion and purpose in their career transitions in 1:1 sessions and I can see how I want to develop my skills to become the best possible coach and hold the space for many more clients to come.⠀

❤ 2017 was my first year as a full-time entrepreneur while 2016 was more of a foundational year by doing all my training and ending my academic adventure after 10 years. This year I really focused on delivering, practicing and working with clients and it was the biggest personal development tool, asking me to take risks, responsibilities and growing up but it also gave me huge satisfactions!⠀ ⠀

❤ I upped my digital presence by writing several blog posts ,creating The Passion Test and having fun on Instagram creating my first ever challenge in December. I understood that writing and creating all kinds of digital contents and guides is the part of the business that makes my heart sing the most. In the first part of the year I was more focused on teaching and I felt like a part of me wasn't fully expressed and I passionately found it back in the second trimester. ⠀

❤ Traveling was back in my life and took me to amazing places , from London to Bali and visited for the first time unbelievable places like Armenia for the most fun wedding and Sardegna in the summer with my parents.

❤ I cultivated new friendships, deepened old ones which I'm so grateful to have and it was definitely a big party year with lots of social events, birthdays, dinners and all in between . I turned 28 this year in a big fancy pink dress and a warm heart. This is the moment of my life I felt the most loved and supported with countless people around me, and it all happened by coming closer and closer to my authentic self.

❤ It was also a year of the highs and lows of dating and I learned so much about myself and my fears. Relationships are truly the biggest teachers and it was the perfect time to explore that with fun and curiosity and I'm ready to manage this part of my life with more wonder and less control.

❤ The little corner next to my window was my safe space all year long to reflect, meditate and process everything that was happening and I understood the importance of taking care of my self and nurture my home as temple. I thrived by grounding and discovered myself as a homebody more than I thought !

❤ 2017 was a foundational year for me and a big part of the game was understanding the role of money and being financially independent. It was hugely important to demonstrate to myself that I could make money doing something I loved and with the lifestyle I dreamed of and I'm really ready to take more important "adult" decisions this coming year. 

The biggest lesson learned was : 

Learning about LOVE , how it can be cultivated in all kind of relationships and not exclusively for romantic ones, that true connection means seeing others but also letting them seeing you, which includes asking for help when needed . 

What about your achievements? What are the 10 things you're most proud of ? Please share them in the comments below and I'll send you all my love to celebrate them! 
Alessia Gandolfo