Infinite possibilities


infinite possibilities  

Lately I've been feeling a subtle shift inside. It's a sensation in my chest, it appears unexpectedly during the day, on the bus, while i walk on the street, when i look out of my window.

It's a light feeling of openness,  it makes me giggle inside and each time together with the sensation, this little tough comes to mind 'I have infinite possibilities'.

When I started observing my mind chatter some years ago I noticed how lots of my thoughts were negative and related to fears for apparently no reason. Sometimes I was in the middle of doing something absolutely normal while my mind was imagining the worst case scenario!

As a result I felt tense and scared for no reason. A heavy weight was constantly on my chest, as if i had a constant resposability or worry to carry around that would breake the nicest moments.

I'm sure some of you can relate to this sensation but it doesn't have to be that way. Everyday life doesn't have to be a constant threat, with obstacles we need to fight.

When I started to go more in the direction of what felt good and taking real actions to do more of it , I began to feel this brief but intense lightness. I suddenly saw in the things and people and events of my everyday a source of possibilities.

Next time you enter into a shop, you sit in the park, you hang out with friends, try this little exercise :

Imagine that the event will be a source of infinite possibilities, set an intention that it will bring something new and positive into your life, but don't get attached to a specific outcome.

Simply let yourself be open and flexible to receive whatever it is. Maybe it's a great contact for the job of your dreams. Maybe it's an inspiring idea. A new friend to share your new passions with. A good laugh that will lift a weight from your chest .

Let yourself flow into the situation. Be at ease. Accept what comes and see it as an exciting new opportunity. Think of it as if something wonderful it's happening just around the corner!

In my case during the last couple of months I felt a strong resistance into looking for a job because I was confused about what I wanted and I felt a pull to slow down and step back.

From the moment in which I let go of the strict planning and control over my life, I felt much more open and suddenly I experienced many different opportunities coming to me without even looking for them!

These opportunities were diverse, in different fields and some did not reflect my ideal job for the future, but they simply felt right for the moment.

I felt like they could enrich me as a person and get out of my comfort zone , even if it may not make sense for the people around me.

So my advice is to try this exercise and concentrate your attention on getting more of the open feeling of possibility and decreasing the feeling of fear and limitations that only comes from your mental chatter and it is not real.rumi quote

And when you feel down, like a weight on your chest feel an inner smile ( and outer too if u want) and look at the thing or person in front of you as a source of infinite possibilities

We often look at the world from a very limited perspective, from a narrow space. It's part of our upbringing, part of the mindset of lack and competition that we're taught at school or in our family. Next time you feel heavy and see everyday life as a threat , take a deep breathe and see it as an opportunity to learn or create something beautiful , as an opportunity.

If you know anyone that could enjoy this post, feel free to share it and let me know how you see your everyday world.

Ale xx