My resolutions for the second half of 2015


Manifestations for second half of 2015  

I love fresh new starts. Occasions where life is a blank canvas and you can draw new dreams, intentions and goals for your future.

Every time I was over a long and stressful period of exams , or something big in my life had passed , I loved that feeling of being finally free to attract new opportunities into my life and put my energy into changing negative patterns and behaviors of the past.

You certainly know that saying from Einstein :

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" 

Well, I have been often insane , since I've been repeating patterns in many aspects of my life, and then I complained for not getting better results!


For me the first half of 2015 was the first stage of a bigger process of unlearning my old patterns of behavior . It was all about letting go of things and situations not serving anymore.

It wasn't at all an easy process, since I was so used to clinging on situations for fear of missing out something. I often accepted to take on projects, meet people, just out of fear of missing other future opportunities, or simply because I repeated to myself "It's the right thing to do".

But the truth is that this situations were not adding any joy to my life, and I wasn't showing up as my best version of myself. You know when your ego voice tells you "It's ok , do just one more thing, then you'll be free, then you'll have your reward" . But it doesn't work like that, and you start to spill your energies everywhere and build on resentment because you're not investing in what you truly love doing. You can read here how I finally learned the art of quitting. 

I started to do something that was completely new for me, I learned to do things only when I had pleasure to, when I really enjoyed the situation and the people , and finally it wasn't an effort anymore! It was fun, and as a consequence I felt much more present and happy to be there and hold the space for the people around me. 

And so 6 months were gone super fast, and I found myself at the beginning of the month with a decluttered life, and some fresh new space. Now this space is real and tangible, and honestly is freaking scary for someone used to have everything planned ahead.

I have the natural tendency of filling up space very quickly, I seriously don't understand people that get bored, I never get bored because I always have so many ideas running through my mind . But this time I see the importance of letting this space as clear as possible, to allow new things to come in , experiences out of my comfort zone.


So what do I want to manifest for the next few months? It's all about the way I want to feel

I want to manifest more creative expression, because there is no feeling in the world like being free to create and express myself, without expectations attached to it. I love getting lost in creativity, it makes me feel alive. And I understood that in order to do that it's ok to embrace my more quiet and introvert side, because I create at the best in solitude and without deadlines.

It's all about showing up every day and finally put creativity as a priority.

Then I want to manifest more love and joy. I now that it's very easy for me to cut out the play and fun, and be serious and rational. But I want to invite more play and laugh and the warmth of love in any form . There is nothing more enriching and soul-filling than love.

What about you? What are you manifesting for the months to come? What would you like to have accomplished by New Year's Eve ? Start now manifesting these things you want into your everyday life, and remember to start with how you want to feel.

Alessia xx