Remember your WHY


Remember your why This month was challenging, I faced some ups ( like having the time to start this blog) and afew downs ( I had some worries and issues to solve) which basically meant that I focused al my energies on these issues and I completely got off the wellness track. I noticed how this is the very first thing I forget when I'm stressed about personal issues and completely into my masculine energy , even if it is the one I need the most!

And what was the result of all of this? I felt my energy shrink, I was tired and sluggish all the time, my energy levels very low as well as my mood. I lost enthusiasm and my days passed by so quickly because I wasn't present living them.

This episode helped me remember my WHY.....Why did I started to get interested in the health and wellness world at the first place?

Because I was feeling exactly like that, tired and with no energies to do all the things I loved.

In my mind I wanted to feel heathy, fit, vibrant and glowing with energy!

That's how I started to practice yoga, to feel more grounded and stretched, meditate to free my mind from the million toughts and then eat better food when I connected my food habits with my energy levels.

After remembering my why, I decided to incorporate back into my day some of the things I knew would make me feel better, like movement and healthy food.I went back to basics.

remember your why

So for the last few days I incorporated a simple morning routine , I did this energising yoga training from Madeleine Shaw, I listened to this meditation from Oprah and Deepak Chopra and I'm in the making of this healthy brownies recipe from Deliciously Ella. And i'm already feeling a Whole lot better!

What about you? Do you ever forget your why? Your motivation on living a healthier and more balanced life? And in these cases do you have any tools/routines to help you get back on track? Let me know in the comments below

Alessia xx