Rise higher, if not now when?

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Violence is a reaction by short-sighted, out-of-control people. At 81 I believe it cannot be resolved through prayers or government help. We have to begin the change at individual level and then move on to neighborhood and society. The Dalai Lama

These are a few words about the events of last weekend in Paris. I wrote them on Saturday but felt ready only now to share my voice about them .

Yesterday evening something that can only be defined as horrific and tragic happened in Paris, in the city that has adopted me for the last 5 years. For the first time in my life, I felt real fear, I was waiting on the street in the center of Paris, waiting for a taxi to go back home, just after 5 minutes of the news about the shooting in Bataclan.

The fear felt so close and so real, because the places attacked are part of my everyday life, I passed by that streets a hundred times , the last time just few hours before the shooting. I passed by with  friend, showing her around all my favorite bars and restaurants in the area.

I never talk about politics, I prefer to talk through feelings to guide people live a better, and also in this case I'll not get into what and why it happened, the media have already given more than enough information, and as usual in the last few days it has transformed into a psychological terrorism to use tragedy as a show and entertainment for people watching TV or scrolling the internet.

There were tons of polemics about why all the people in the western countries are talking only about Paris, neglecting the other world conflicts that are killing thousands every day. And this is completely true, but I will not go into that either because I live in this city, there were the friends of my friends and their families that were affected directly and the places of my everyday life, so my attention is completely here for the moment and not in some far away country.

The reason why I felt called to write my heart out today about the events of last Friday, it's because in the darkness of terrorism I heard a voice inside myself that became louder and louder, that reminded me how we need to

bring light to this world

, now more than ever before.

It was a reminder that our job as "light workers" , whatever is your daily job, it is

essential to raise the awareness of the world on a whole new level

, because the way we're living now is just not sustainable anymore.

Especially for the people like me, that want to work as healers, teachers, coaches....our job has never been so relevant and powerful, and if you were hesitating about the difference you can make in this world, I hope that these horrible events are enough of a reminder that a bunch of individuals can make a substantial difference in the community and in the world ( in a bad or good way, it's up to you to choose).

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It all starts from yourself, and then you can spread it to your family, friends and the rest of the world.

I quickly share

some tips

that have helped me go through the last few days, and they may be helpful if you're facing difficult times and if you feel like you have no control on what's happening on the outside :

  • Switch off the Tv, the news feed, Facebook and all the places where media keeps on throwing information at you, feeding your fears non-stop!

  • Prepare a nice meal, or a cup of tea and just be for a while . I found it really useful to meditate to center myself and take control on what's happening on the inside, because we cannot control the external events

  • Take advantage of the time spent inside ( if you cannot get out the house) and do something manual, that keeps you busy, like cleaning or doing some art craft

  • Most importantly spend time with your friends and family, support each other and do something pleasant, even if it may seems impossible at first, but it's a great reminder of what really matters in life

And to close, I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes :

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

Please share some more tips or comments below about overcoming difficult situations !

Alessia xx