Alessia Gandolfo
Alessia Gandolfo
I empower women through career transitions to express their true purpose in their job.

My Story

My name is Alessia Gandolfo,

I am a multi-passionate Italian woman living the Parisian life, spreading this message in creative ways working as coach, yoga teacher, online courses and collaborations.

I was not always this happy, fulfilled and on-purpose, though. 


In 2011 I was living in Milan and had just graduated from my Bachelor Degree in Management. I was so proud of my academic achievement and excited to finally be free. I had been a good and dedicated student and completed all that was expected of me. I lived by the rules and fulfilled my duties. I dreamed of travelling abroad, fantasized about working a little café job in a fancy city like Paris, talking to inspiring creatives and learning how to live. 

What happened was very different. 

I did go to live in Paris as I dreamed. But I was quickly swallowed up by an internship experience in a multinational company in marketing. I thought that to happy, liked and accepted I had to follow the conventional path to success. I started to feel like the life and passion was being squeezed out of me and I was suffocating in the tiny little box that was supposed to bring me freedom and joy. My fantasies of making espressos in cute summer dresses feeling carefree and bright and dreams of new and spontaneous experiences were flattened.

I went back to studying, completed my Masters and dedicated myself to filling my life with new adventures and creative international people, travelling and living around France and in Asia.

Still, I felt I was not living my purpose.

I craved more simplicity: a spontaneous and graceful way of living.

One that included having both : wings for adventures and roots to ground.

In 2014 I started to cry, a lot. 

I was living in Singapore and my family came from Europe to visit. I could not but should have felt astonished by the wonder of it all. My usual state of wonder was gone. I wanted to sit down on a bench and stay there forever, doing absolutely nothing. I wanted to break down and cry.

I started getting anxiety: on flights, on buses, on trains. My body craved stillness, to have my feet on the ground, time to uncover my desires, to use my imagination and just create. 

I surrendered.


Day by day, week by week, as time went on I committed to change the way I was approaching life and slowed down as much as I could. Months went by, where I was alone in my room just breathing and journaling. I practiced yoga in a studio that felt like the only place where I was allowed to just be. I worked with coaches who helped guide me back to myself, read countless articles on personal development and books, and devoured inspiration and tools for growth . 

Now, I know exactly what I need to do to live an authentic life aligned to my purpose and dreams. I teach others (inspired women like you) how to do it too.

I know we are not made to fit into a box. But often carving our own unique path feels more terrifying than following a designated track.

I also know that you are smart, full of dreams and accomplishments, and have been working towards something BIG but you have a niggling sensation that you want more, that there is more out there for you. You have made all the “right” steps to have the prestigious career, the perfect relationship, the cool apartment and city and still you feel like who you are is so much larger than the box you worked so hard to fit in. It all sounded like a great idea at first, you believed in your plans and they actually worked out, but now that you’re on the perfect path, it doesn’t feel so appealing anymore. 

I know, because I have been there.  

I want to inspire you to be kinder to yourself and to understand that your unique and weird self is so needed in the world more than your “good girl/ model student/perfect CV” version of yourself! I want you to know that as long as you live in alignment to what’s right for you, which is a moment to moment practice of curiosity and listening to your intuition, you will feel the greatest inner peace and fulfilment that any external achievement could ever give you.  


Professional Me 

  • I am a Certified Life and Professional Coach from IPEC ( ICF recognized)

  • I am a Certified Vinyasa yoga teacher from EFV in Paris ( RYT 200hr) where I studied with Amanda Dates and Janelle Watters

  • I have a Master Degree in Management and Marketing from ESSEC Business School, Paris

  • Also a Bachelor Degree in International Economics and Management from Bocconi University, Milan

  • I'm a very curious learner and I love taking yoga, personal development and business workshops whenever I can!