Alessia Gandolfo
Alessia Gandolfo
I empower women through career transitions to express their true purpose in their job.




Are you feeling stuck in your current career like you’re using only 10% of your potential and the rest of your identity feels unexpressed ?

Do you want to make a career change but don’t know where to go next ?

Do you wanna follow your passion but have no idea what it is ? And maybe you dream of making the world a better place by doing something you love ?

And do you want to work with someone that can really hold the space for you, understand you, see your innermost potential and guide you each step of the way vs. a superficial quick fix that would just replay the same doubts and frustrations in few months time ?

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Hello! My name is Alessia .

I am a devoted to helping women find passion and a greater purpose in their career and life. I combine my trainings in Life and Professional Coaching, Yoga Teaching and other holistic techniques with my own intuition and experience of a quarter-of-life crisis and changing career direction after having studied Marketing and Management in top european universities. I’ve personally being mentored with coaches and healers for the last 7 years which has shaped my own method to be of service to my clients.


By creating a safe and non-judgemental space for you to express yourself we will begin by diving into what is missing in your life in terms of feeling passionate and purposeful and through a series of unique questions I will guide you to uncovering the answers that lay at the core of your heart and soul . Throughout our time together I will support you to anchor your revelations through practical steps, positive approaches and tools to implement change.


  • Getting clear on your career direction

  • Finding what drives your passion and purpose

  • Letting go of the fears and inner blockages as well as working on external obstacles

  • Creating a clear plan and action steps to implement each session

  • Support you through the transformation that will take place and the new obstacles that will emerge

  • Evolve in your current career or create a side hustle/new job that ligths you up

  • Gain confidence to move forward with ease

  • Celebrate the wins and keep your feeling alive and excited about what’s next


    My coaching program includes :

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire to have clarity of what you want to experience in the coaching

  • 6 x 1 hour calls weekly or every 2 weeks

  • Held over Skype or face-to-face sessions in Paris

  • Unlimited email support throughout our time together

  • Follow-up emails with tangible support and practical tools

  • BONUS #1 A 30 minutes call after a month after the end of the program to check the progress

  • BONUS #2 My ebook “Uncover your Passions” for free


350 euros paid upfront OR 3 monthly installments of 125 euros


Kind words



At 53 I found myself at a point in my life where I lacked direction and energy, riding a daily roller coaster of emotions. I was confused, overwhelmed and lacked clarity in my life, I felt stuck and demotivated. How to move forward? To what? I needed somebody to help me sort this muddle out. Initially I felt hesitant about using a Life Coach! Not really understanding how it would work I went into the experience with an open mind and no real expectations.......I was in for a very pleasant surprise!   

Alessia worked with me to find the best way to maximise our sessions. Due to her explorative questioning, combined with an uncanny intuitive understanding of what was hidden beneath my comments, I found our sessions invaluable. I had many light bulb moments, laughter, and a few tears. Alessia always listened in a totally supportive, warm and non judgemental manner. Constant clarification, practical tools, suggestions, What's app and emails helped me stay motivated, accountable, and energised. I have chosen a career path and I'm working towards making it a reality, I'm clear headed, focused and motivated. I now have many tools available to help me with the ups and downs that will inevitably happen on my journey. Being a perfectionist (former!) a big positive for me is to find some balance, everything doesn't have to be black or step at a time is all it takes. I have also learnt to be much kinder to myself:-)

Alessia really championed my corner and helped me to realise that my dreams are valid and achievable. It's rare in life to find someone totally on your side cheering you on, being proud of you and saying so.  Alessia is that person. Regardless of age or gender if you are wondering the Who, What, Why,Where of your lifeand need help and support working this out I would not hesitate to recommend Alessia. Working with you Alessia will use her skills and intuition to help you clarify what you need and help you to understand that you already have within you many of the tools that are needed.

 For me personally our sessions have been genuinely life changing and I feel blessed that our paths have crossed.



I was afraid that it would be a very airy and metaphysical type of conversation, but it turned out to be very down to earth and practical, which I really appreciated. I also didn't know what to expect because I had never done life coaching before, so I wasn't sure how it would be organized or managed. 

Through working with you I was able to recognize that I was giving away all my power. I wasn't refilling my own glass. By recognizing that I was lacking in these things, I was able to work on understanding why and work toward empowering myself again. I was also able to peel off layers by recognizing the negative energy I was carrying with me and learn how empowerment is about authenticity.

I liked working with you because I loved your honesty and down to earth approach. It was very easy to relate with you and feel like we were both working toward having a better understanding of the world and ourselves. I didn't feel like you were telling me right from wrong . I also love how you are living out the lifestyle and living out the goals of self empowerment and improvement. It's been an amazing experience to have someome else ask me tough questions in order for me to really dig deep and understand my thoughts and how they influence me on a daily basis.

The client should feel free to open up and be vulnerable from the start because that is the only way to move forward. Be open to some tough conversation and quetions because it can lead to amazing understandings and realizations.  Life coaching isn't about finding answers, its about exploring questions and being open to constantly learning.

I have already recommended you to some friends and even one student who mentioned wanting life coaching!



It was such a blessing to work closely with Alessia during peer coaching. Her passion for coaching is evident from the very first minute; her energy is soothing and her empathetic nature puts you at ease right away. Furthermore, she has just the right balance between using her intuition and applying proven strategies and tools, helping you quickly achieve new insights and results. I absolutely recommend Alessia as a coach to anyone interested, you will not regret it!