Navigating Career and Life Transitions


"Change is the only constant in life." Heraclitus

That's why is very useful to learn to feel ok with change, to not be scared of the future and the unknown. Especially when big life or career transitions happen. 

But it's much easier said than done right?

We are simply not used to live with uncertainty.

Unfortunately they don't teach us that at school, quite the opposite actually, they make us believe that we can control all the outcomes if we do the right things and THEN we'll have no uncertainty.

But life is more creative than that!

A month ago I was visiting Bali and on the second last day I really wanted to watch the sunset on the beach next to a very famous temple.

But it was pretty far so as you do in Bali I stopped a taxi and asked him to take me there on time for sunset. I got on the car and it was a pleasant drive along the rice fields and through the local villages and I started to talk with the taxi driver. I asked him about his family, and son and other life topics and among the different things he told me I was his first client for the day and that he practically had no money before I showed up. There are a lot of taxis in Bali, some official and some not, and a high competition and he lived day by day.

I was pretty shocked by his declaration and started to imagine what I would have done at his place with the idea of waking up in the morning without knowing where and if the money for the day would arrive. I would probably freak out and not sleep at night by the fear of not having enough to live, but the guy looked pretty chilled!

No apparent stress. He simply trusted that it would be ok, that he would be supported by the Universe the following day.

How often do we do that in Western society ? Very rarely I think. 

The episode made me reflect and definitely helped me reframe my fears and the necessity to build insurances and guarantees for my job to work out.

How better would I live day by day with a little more trust? With more spontaneity knowing that in some ways I WILL be supported ?

Sometimes we cannot do it all by ourselves, and we don't have to. In the big stressful moments when we feel the ground shaking under our feet because a big transition is happening. Maybe we lost our jobs, a partner, or we simply decided to walk away from something because it doesn't align with us anymore. That's when an external, objective and neutral help can really trasform our perspective and lead us back to trust.

That's for these situations that I recently created the "Mini Autumn Package" because I wanted to give a "first-aid" support to the people going through a big life transition at the moment . I usually only have a 6-sessions program but this is a smaller 2 sessions package, at a very affordable price available until the end of the month of October 2017. 

Autumn Coaching Package life transitions

If you're ready to take your passions on the next level and live on purpose I'm offering a special coaching package during October only, which includes :

- 2 x 60 minutes coaching sessions over Skype
- Unlimited email support in between sessions
- Tanglible action steps to move forward
- Only 100 euros investment ( 90 £/115$) 

Schedule your first session here and make your. payment upfront here. 

Not sure if it's the right program for you? Send me an email at 


Alessia Gandolfo