Too many passions and don't know which direction to take? - tips for Curious and Multi Passionate people

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If you're the kind of person that is constantly curious about new things, learning and consuming new information and you feel you're passionate about so many different things, this post is for you! And if you're not, keep on reading anyway, you may resonate with some of these points too ;-)

Being curious and full of passions is awesome, really awesome ! And I'm that kind of person too.

A little story from last weekend...

I hardly find anything uninteresting. Come to me with a topic and we can have a nice discussion about it and I will enjoy it! The other day I was at a house party of a friend and I spent a good part of the evening talking about agriculture with two guests, and loved it !! I learned so much about things like cacao productions, french legislation and much more. 

Am I a fan of agriculture? Do I want to work in the sector? ....mmmm don't think so. 

But still I cannot say I'm not interested in it, and for that hour it actually lighted me up, I could have almost gone out to buy some seeds to plant by the end of the night! 

But again, if I really think about it, it's not how I would like to spend my time, compared to my other interests. 

This example applies on a bigger scale to moments of career transition, when you're finding your path, discovering your passions and why you are on this round planet!

When a multi passionate and curious person decides to change its path, finding passions can be the easy part

( and if you wanna explore this step I created a resource especially for it !) .

And that's great because saying "yes" to things , experimenting and trying out new activities is SO important. It allows you to get out of your comfort zone, be open to know new people and get inspired and it helps you to differentiate between what you like and what you don't .

But sometimes it can go a bit too far if you take these new discoveries too seriously. 

And 90% of the women I coached and many of my friends I talked to which are experiencing a career transition are falling into this trap.

I explain myself better ......

Let's go back to my agriculture example. If as soon as my delightful conversation was over I would have thought "Oh maybe that's the job I should be doing...maybe I should find a training that involves this subject...." I would have taken the risk of jumping into courses and a series of action steps that would have left me in 6 months time maybe getting a job in that sector before having the time to realize that it's not actually for me.

I'm definitely the kind of person that when it's into something want to get the most out of it and starts to look for courses, trainings etc... and it can go very far. And maybe you're too!

So the message here is :


  1.  Explore your new discovery in a kind, slow and cheerful way. Don't force yourself to learn quickly and don't get frustrated if you're not so into it at the end. I believe nothing is by chance so there is always a reason why you're doing what you do. Maybe it's to discover an aspect of that job you enjoy , that could lead you to something else. And also parts of it you do not enjoy, and why. It's never time wasted !
  2. Then step back and give the time to this new seed to process inside.  In this phase let go of the learning and consumption of information that can get quickly overwhelming and scatter our energy. Instead simply C R E A T E S P A C E by decluttering your life of activities that are "good to do" but not essential. Keep in your schedule only the priorities that keep your life in function and nothing more. That's actually a great moment to up your self-care and take extra care of your food habits, your body , get out in nature, cook, enjoy the simple things in life that bring you back to the moment and calm you down.
  3. And you'll get to a day in which you will understand if it's something you want to explore deeper...or not. In that case simply let it go and move to the next.

A side note : far too often, and that's general western culture, we think that if we don't take an activity to the next step it's a waste of our time and that we need a piece of paper or formal qualification to explore something further, but is not always the case! 

What's the need of a piece of paper when you don't want to use it or when you're not implementing the things you learn and make them an active part of your life?

And plus, we end up overwhelming ourselves with consumption of ideas and inputs coming from the outside, when really we only need to look inside for our answers. 

Your soul needs the time to really express itself ( which it cannot do if there is so much noise on the surface ) and allow you to identify your priorities and focus on them.

Learning and entertaiment are fun, they fill our time, they make us feel productive but we are actually not producing much that come from the inside. 

The moment I slowed down my crazy brain that's when I got some clarity ....and I started to give more importance and time to creation and making something for my future. 

Its hard, I still fall into the trap , I still think I need to add more skills and competencies, different healing therapies, graphic design courses.... but truly what I do now and done with awareness and devotion, is enough to help others. 

So funny, the more we slow down and focus , the faster we get results. one of life paradoxes!

What about you? Have you ever been in one situation in which you felt pulled in all directions and didn't know where to go? And too many shiny objects calling you? Are you in the exact same situation now? 

I'd love to support you in this phase to finally get some clarity and be sure that your next transition is aligned with your truth and not just a new shiny object to add to your skills ;-) Reach out to work together from November. You have all the details of working with me here or simply send me an email at 




Alessia Gandolfo