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So I've just noticed it's been a month that I haven't showed up in this space, and I truly missed it. In the last month I was in the middle of a lot of inner processing that will result in some outer changes in my life and I am so excited about it! And also a new resource coming soon for all the women out there in the search of more passion in their career, but more on it later this month!

For now I'm super happy to share with you the wisdom and inspiration from another awesome lady for the Path to Purpose Interview Series, Intuitive Astrologer Caroline Moye from ( her website is gorgeous by the way!) 

A little introduction on what this series is all about ...

I decided to chat with some inspiring like-minded people about their path to purpose. 

Yes the path, because the final destination, the big passion we're looking for that gives purpose to our life, it's just an excuse to live the path! And in this journey there are inevitable moments of transition that are there to teach us something and clarify the direction we're going.

It's exciting , isn't it? But also deeply stressful and destabilizing and sometimes it can feel lonely and confusing, that's why I decided to interview some wonderful inspiring people to let you know that you're not alone and that what you're feeling in this very moment is totally ok. 

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First of all tell us a little about who you are.

FR : Je suis avant toute une personne qui a soif de voler, d’authenticité dans sa vie & dans ses relations, je suis une hypersensible qui est en chemin de transformer ces felures en trésors pour soi et les autres.

J’ai utilise ma sensibilité pour apprendre la langue des étoiles, paratger ma passion de ce langage sacré, je suis aussi une maman , une amoureuse des voyages et surtout de Paris qui me manqué beaucoup.

EN : I am first of all someone that has a thirst for knowledge, a desire of authenticity in her life and in all her relationships, I'm an hypersensitive who is on a path to transform these "cracks" in treasures for myself and others. 

I use my sensitivity to learn the language of the stars, share my passion for this sacred language, and I am also a mum, a lover of travelling and especially Paris which I miss very much. 


How did you get to where you are now? In particular if you can tell us about a life or career transition that really affected who you are today.

FR : Etrangement, j’ai eu une transition professionelle mais qui s’est fait sans réélle decision, je travaillais dans la cooperation internationale au Honduras, je venais de vivre un coup d’état, partir seule dans un avion alors que les militaires venaient sur la piste de décollage, ça a été une experience traumatique. J’ai donc recherché dans ma quête spirituelle comme un réconfort que l’homme est bon, je suis partie très haut dans ma quête et me suis un peu brulée les ailes, trop éthérée, puis j’ai accouché de ma fille et de mes premières séances d’astrologie. Finalement devenir astrologue n’a jamais fait partie d’un plan ou stratégie.

EN : Strangely, I experienced a professional transition that happened without taking a conscious decision , I was working in the field of international cooperation in Honduras, I had just gone through a "coup d'Etat" , and had to embark on a plane by myself while the soldiers were arriving on the runway , this was a traumatic experience for me. So I searched for a source of solace in my spiritual quest and around the idea that the man is good, and I went really deep in my spiritual search and I burned my wings a little bit, being too ethereal. Afterwards I gave birth to my daughter and my first astrology sessions. Finally becoming an astrologer has never been part of a plan or strategy. 


What were the fears that came up in that moment?

FR: La plus grande peur qui me poursuit encore si je suis honnête avec vous c’est de ne pas etre à la hauteur ou légitime, j’ai une carte des étoiles très chironienne , donc je sais que c’est aussi le talent de ceux qui souhaitent aider & accompagner. J’avais peur de ne pas bien accompagner, d’aller trop en profondeur dans la psyche d’autrui.

EN : My biggest fear, that honestly it's still following me if I have to be honest, it's the fear of not to be up to the standards or legitimate. My astral chart is very "Chironian" ( Chiron is the Archetype if the wounded healer) so I know that it's also a part of the talent of the ones that have a desire to help and counsel. I was afraid that I couldn't follow up well with a client, and that I would go too deep in someone else's psyche. 

 How did you overcome them?

 FR: Je ne les ai pas dépassé mais je les ai apprivoisé , je sens qu’elles me poussent à etre une étudiante eternelle des astres, de moi même & de la vie.

EN : I didn't really overcome these fears, but I tamed them, I feel that they push me to be an eternal student of the stars, of myself and of life. 


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What advice would you share to someone going through a similar transition?

FR : La confiance en cette lumière en soi connectée au grand tout, de faire confiance en leur unicité d’être au monde, malgré les techniques et strategies extérieures de suivre leur voix intérieure.

EN : To have trust in this inner light which is connected to everything, and also in their uniqueness of being in this world, and regardless of all the external strategies to keep of following their inner light. 


 Do you have any rituals or routines that support you during times of change?

 FR : Oui la prière, prier et dialoguer avec ce que je nomme la source et mes guides, m’en remettre à la confiance dans ce qui est. Cette période corespondant à devenir maman d’une petite fille, je n’avais pas beaucoup de temps, mais ce temps si précieux je l’utilisais en étudiant l’astrologie via des podcasts ou cours, je n’ai pas perdu ma passion dans ce moment de ma vie même si occupée et bouleversée par cette experience de la maternité.

EN : Yes prayer, to pray and talk with what I call the source and my guides, and go back to trust what it is. While I was becoming mum of my little girl, I didn't have much time, but I was using that precious time to study astrology through podcasts and courses and I didn't loose my passion in that moment of my life even if I was busy and distressed by the experience of maternity. 


What are the things that light you up in life at the moment?

 FR : Voler, je sais que ca peut apparaitre abstrait mais j’ai besoin de voler, sentir que ma vie dans ses rencontres, dans les petits riens du quotidian, font vibrer cette essence passionée qu’est la mienne, cette envie de vivre, j’ai trop souvent retournée contre moi.

EN : To fly, I know that it may appear abstract but I have a need to fly, to feel that my life in the people I meet, in the little daily things, makes my passionate essence vibrate, with this desire to live, since I experienced going too many time against myself in the past. 


What does living a life on purpose looks like for you today?

FR : Pour moi c’est un apprentissage quotidian telle une funambule de mantenir l’équilibre et de me rappeler de cette lumière en moi qui n’est qu’un reflet de toutes les lumières que je perçois dans les yeux de certaines personnes, j’aimerais que nous réveillons tous nos étoiles dans nos yeux.

EN : For me it's a daily work in progress like a ropewalker that keeps the balance et to remind myself that this light inside of me it's a reflection of all the lights that I see in some people's eyes. I would like that could all wake up the stars in our eyes. 

Caroline is such a special and magical soul as you can tell from her answers, and I cannot wait to meet her face-to-face when she passes by Paris again! 

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Share your favorite nugget of wisdom in the comments below and let's have a conversation. Are you currently going through a life or career transition? What is coming up for you ? Looking forward to connect! 

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