Hello and welcome! So happy you stopped by

I'm in front of my laptop in a warm day of July, in my childhood house in Italy,  writing my first post ever!


It feels so exciting, because let's be honest, I've been procrastinating this moment for far too long ....I've always wanted to create this space to share and connect with awesome like minded people and this calling became louder and louder in the last couple of years when I fell in love with everything related to wellness, my passion for yoga and healthy food and most importantly living a life with purpose, discovering my most authentic and honest self.

And now here I am, overcoming the resistance and fear of showing up, ready to dive in this new experience and telling my stories of self-discovery in the hope of inspiring and helping even just one person out there. 

I'm living the most exciting moment of my life, the most free and expansive of times, ready to take on new "experiments" to nurture my soul , body and mind in completely new ways .

I call them experiments, because let's be honest, no one really knows what the future will bring, what is right and wrong for us, and the best we can do is to follow our intuition and experiment with life, play around like kids , hoping to grow wiser and better human beings.

This blog is dedicated to all these experiments ,with the intention for it to be a positive and safe space for all the people passing by.

With love and light ,