How to develop Patience when you want to Change Career

Patience career change

When we don't like where we're at, it's so easy to be wanting to be elsewhere immediately. 

Moments of transition in between jobs are uncomfortable and frustrating, so it's no wonder we want them to be over and this puts us into a state of greater impatience.

The 3 career scenarios you may be in :

1. You are stuck into a job you don't like but you have no idea what is your passion, what else you could be doing that it's more fullfilling. You observe yourself and don't recognize what you see because you've become lazy, procrastinate, you avoid crossing the eyes of your boss and take extra long coffee breaks. You simply don't care anymore and would almost someone to come to you and shake you up to motivate you just a little bit more to keep going. The problem is that you don't know what you'd like to be doing instead. You feel disconnected to what makes you feel alive and you are clueless about the direction to take.

2. Or maybe you perfectly know what your passion is but you're stuck doing something else that feels totally out of alignment from who you are and the fact that you knows it makes it everyday more painful because you can clearly see how happier you'd be in your dream role.

3. Or you're finally doing what you wanted but you're not getting the results. You thought that after 6 months at the new job/creating your new career everything would flow like that people on Instagram with the glamurous life and instead you're broke and stuck again, doing everything you can but witnessing no visible change.

All these scenarios are difficult because they ask us to let go of control. They ask us to question what we could do as much as who we are. Impatience it's an expression of that need of control. We want things to be solved right now, we want a step by step plan ready so we know we cannot fail ! So we push and strive and we do all the steps in our power to move things forward but we do not let ourselves experience the process and its benefits.

I believe that's where the uniqueness of who you are and which contribution you can give starts to emerge. 

There are 3 practices you can try when feeling impatient :

  • Sit with the discomfort and ask yourself "Why do I feel so impatient? What am I afraid of?". This question can shine some light on what's behind your feelings. Maybe you're afraid you won't be able to pay your bills so you push projects forward which are not ready and do not feel aligned. Or maybe you feel directionless when you go back home in the evening and you cannot sleep at night thinking about it .

  • Make a list of accomplishments each evening. Before going to bed write in a journal "5 things I have accomplished today" and do not stop until you get to at least 5. So even the days that seem wasted can hold some accomplishements like "I made a beautiful meal for lunch" or "I have a fun conversation with that girlfriend that gave me some insights". By noting what we've done we realise we've reached more goals than we thought and they are these tiny steps that are moving us closer to our vision.

  • Create white space in your calendar to make room for spontaneity. This tip may seem counterintuitive because you want things to happen faster and doing less doesn't seem helpful but actually it is! Declutter your commitments and have more white space will allow you to hear what your true desires are. And move from there instead of participating to a million networking events/interviews and so on. You're allowing yourself to spontaneously choose what's calling you and not just passively saying yes to external sollicitations. How to know you're doing the right things? If it doesn't feel like an "Hell Yes" than it's probably a NO.

    I hope these three practices will help you manage your stress, be more patience and most importantly TRUST yourself in moving the right way.

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Alessia Gandolfo