Some news about me + inspiring links


The month of September has been a great moment to recharge energies and get organized for the months to come , where I have so many new adventures and experiences waiting for me!

All of them are new and definitely out of my comfort zone, which is super scary and exciting at the same time. There will be tons of experimenting on all levels and I'm looking forward to learn and grow as ever before.

I'm usually a big planner, because let's face it, knowing what you're doing in the next 6 to 12 months makes me feel safe and under control, but it also reduce the opportunities and unexpected possibilities, so for the first time in my life, in the spirit of this blog, I decided to plan much less and just live life in a more unplanned way.

I admit it has been the hardest choice ever, and I still wake up some mornings in panic thinking I'm mad, but the part of me that believes it is worthy is stronger .

What helped me believe that a life based on love is possible, are the beautiful people I'm crossing along my path right now, and the flow of creative expression that keeps me awake at night.

In the last few weeks I felt  an inner feeling of excitement, desire to create, amazing ideas for connection, and I started to think about future dreams that I thought were impossible to realize just yesterday.

Links I loved during the months and notes on my favorite nuggets of wisdom :

  • Marie Forleo's interview to Elizabeth Gilbert ( author of Eat pray love) on creativity. Honestly one of Marie's best interviews and its full of nuggets of wisdom for any creativepreneur and any human being!
  • Depth of beauty video with Melissa Ambrosini on toxic free make-up . So make-up is not one of my biggest passions, as I hardly use any and I'm not updated with the latest news, but I loved this video explaining how organic products are becoming more and more effective. It inspired me to experiment a bit more with that
  • Last video I promise : this is a gem of a video as I absolutely loved it! It's Amber Rae ( my entrepreneur girl's crush ) talking about how in 48 hours she quit her job and life to follow her inner calling and discover herself. Honestly she's such a great inspiration for me and we're so aligned on the idea of experimenting with life.


As last news for the moment, I'm happy to share that I wrote an article on the latest edition of Happiness+Wellbeing Mag ( out today yay!!)  about " How to shift our behavior from passive to active" in situations that make us feel disempowered .

You can download this edition from their website at  and also via the Apple App Store. Each issue balances holistic wellness tips with nourishing spiritual practices and self-help strategies for a radiantly happy + well life.

I wish you a wonderful evening and beginning of October !!

Alessia xx