Wrap up of my 2015 and welcome 2016


2015 collage

Your life will expand to the amount you show up to it 

We're already at day 4 of this new year 2016 ( I still have an hard time saying out loud, it sounds surreal!) and even if I've been reflecting, journaling, meditating on this past year and getting super excited about this new year, I've only felt called now to sit down and write my reflections to you.

I have to admit that 2015 has been a pretty amazing year for me, a huge year of self-discovery and connecting to myself on a very deep level. It has also been a year of choices, and I'm happy to say that I was brave enough to choose very often the path less travelled instead of the "easy" choices along the way.

If I had to summarize my year in a sentence, I would define 2015 as the year in which I CREATED SPACE. 

I cleaned up my plate as much as possible, gradually letting go of many things, people, ideas, beliefs that weren't serving me anymore. Preparing a beautiful blank canvas for this moment right now.

When I sat down to reflect about the past year, these were the key events and discoveries of my year :

  • Moved back to live in Paris after one and half years far from this city, living one year in Dijon and a summer spent in Singapore and South-east Asia
  • I consciously took the decision to be more still, as I really felt the need to plant my feet well grounded on the earth, so I lived all year in one city and I chose to travel much less than usual
  • When I travelled it was more intentional and it felt good and expansive, and I went a few times to Italy, to Milan, Riccione, Arezzo, Rome and I visited Bruxelles and London and Bratislava
  • Learned how to quit, and I practiced it more than once
  • I have studied for the last exams for my degree in Management and Marketing, and I feel ready now to be a grown up and not a student anymore ( almost there!!)
  • I have started this blog of mine in July!  And I have so many plans to expand it this year in an incredible way!
  • I did my first ever 10Km run! ( and maybe the last :-P)
  • I changed two apartments , not so bad for my standards of serial mover
  • I started one of the most amazing adventures of a lifetime , my Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training that opened my heart and already took me out of my comfort zone
  • And I've officially started my Life coaching training , and I cannot wait to hold space for as many people as possible this year that want to live at their full potential !
  • I have connected to so many like-minded souls sisters, most of them through this place called internet, and I couldn't be more grateful for that!
  • I spent quality time with my family and connected to them on a much deeper level than before
  • I turned 26 and reminded myself of the importance of celebrating my little and big wins more often!
  • I spent my time with some pretty amazing people that I have the privilege to call friends, that enrich my life every day
  • I learned much more about self-care and living healthy, but still have lots to implement
  • I've started to share my intuition on social media, in particular Instagram which I love!! Are we friends there yet? 
  • Witnessed the horrible events affecting Paris more than once this year , and I understood even more the need of being a light worker for the world
  • Most importantly I felt free and completely responsible of my destiny for the very first time!

Wow it turned out to be a long list, but felt so good to live again all of these amazing moments!!!


So you can imagine I have Big Dreams for 2016! I haven't articulated a plan yet, and I'm fine with keeping the space open for the unknown to unfold . But I know for sure that in the new year :

  • I will redefine success at my own terms, which will not look like anyone else's success
  • I will experiment with life for real, challenging myself on the things that I know will help me grow. So I will take on activities, part-time jobs and whatever my intuition will ask me to go.
  • I will teach ,I feel called to be a teacher and guide other people in different forms through yoga, life coaching and this very blog.
  • At the same time I will be a student of these passions and dive into the learning process
  • I will put my focus on creating and doing stuff, instead of being a passive observer
  • I will open up to the world, be real and vulnerable and share myself in any area of my life

My intention for 2016 is : STEP UP AND SHOW UP FULLY

It is all about stop hiding and playing small, because it doesn't serve anyone, and play big instead. It's the time to take responsability for what I believe and share it fearlessly with the world, regardless of the opinion of others and their judgment.

The biggest Thank You goes to you, a deep thank you for reading this post and maybe the others I wrote during the last 6 months of blogging. Thank you for being here and hold tight because 2016 will be a damn exciting year for this little corner of the internet, so come back and see how it all will unfold.

What are your intentions for the New Year? How would you like to feel in the next few months? Share it below to give more power to your dreams to come true